Spacebourne is an open world arcade game with RPG elements. You can explore and trade in it’s unique and vast galaxy while managing diplomacies between different races and factions and deciding for what and whom you will be fighting for.


SpaceBourne gives you complete freedom during both the main storyline and side missions. You can be a careless pirate, bounty hunter, or mercenary who doesn’t care for anyone else, or follow a peaceful path whenever possible and become a traveler or a merchant. You are free to lead others or be careless.


Everything starts on a regular day of July 2029 with the appearance of Unidentified Flying Objects. That day is the first day of earth’s residents meeting their new guests...

Please click the link in order to read the whole story and watch the intro movie with the newspaper headlines at the time of the events.

SpaceBourne’s universe has over 100 Solar Systems, over 400 planets and around 40 different landable Space Stations inhabited by thousands of interactable elements.

SpaceBourne is designed so the player can have total freedom. In SpaceBourne the player can mine astroids, salvage wrecks, bounty hunt, discover black holes, come accross space anomalies, become a pirate, discover uncharted systems; as well as following the main storyline, choose to accept side missions, help the races that are at war with each other, create a pirate organization and form an army, create a space station belonging to the player and produce ships, or trade. In all of these activities the player gets to make choices, he can choose to trade slaves with slave-traders, of start a war against them and end slavery.

The game moves forward with each and every decision you make. Every successful move will give you experience and you can use these experience points as you wish. Player Character has active and passive traits. Passive traits ( such as Piloting, Trade, Charisma etc. ) are improved or not according to the playstyle. Active traits on the other hand is left to the player to choose and pick up as the character levels up. SpaceBourne’s skill tree has dozens of active skills for the player to choose.

The player can get new ships, modify those ships, and load-up on all kinds of different weapons. There are hundreds of weapons and modifications to choose from. Using these options the player can create a ship suitable for their game style.

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